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Designed by Handicappers for Handicappers

We have designed the ultimate basketball handicapping software available. This was designed by basketball handicappers for basketball handicappers in mind. Buy it today for our special sale price of $859.

This software is not hard to use. We know exactly what you are looking for and based on real user feedback we developed our layout to be simple and easy to understand. While at the same time building in a lot of complicated programming in the backend to do your hard work with just a few simple clicks. We have also added one touch hot keys and larger font options to make it even easier. This is truly a professional masterpiece of handicapping software.

If you buy it today you can also save money since it is on sale for only $859. That may seem alot of money but if you compare it with other frustrating programs you will see you do get what you pay for. Also with our program it is so easy to use you will be winning many more games and many of our customers have reported it paying for it self before the first basketball season was even over. You can reuse this software season after season and get the most out of your investment.

Please note our calculations are merely meant for an aid to your own handicapping. There are no cant lose picks and fundamental handicapping should also be applied to our computer calculations. Out program offering computer numbers, not picks. If you are looking for a handicapper offering basketball picks, we have used MadduxSports.com in the past. NBA picks and College basketball picks can be found there daily.

Of course we give you the option to join our data services and allow our automated tools do the handicapping for you or you can take the controls and personally do your handicapping with this tool. Even if you want to do handicapping by yourself you will find this program to be so fast and easy it will help you cover more games and find more sweet spots in almost no time. What are you waiting for? Download Alpha Basketball Handicapping software today and start winning more basketball bets!